In the last war on Gaza over 2100 Gazans lost their lives and over 250,000 lost their homes.
The war on Gaza has devastated thousands of lives, and caused irreparable damage to homes, schools and hospitals. Many go without electricity for lengthy periods of time leaving an entire city plunged into darkness.
Hospitals are among the worst affected by this as life saving equipment becomes useless, operating rooms are lit by candle light and rely on power generators which are often left inoperative as they are so heavily used.

Clean Drinking Water Appeal

95% of Gaza’s water is deemed unfit for human consumption people are forced to drink bottled water which many Gazans simply cannot afford. Many risk infection and disease and use water which is heavily loaded with salts and other pollutants and they simply cannot afford water tanks which are refilled weekly at a cost. They cannot afford to give their children a glass of clean water in the smouldering sun in summer; they cannot afford to use clean water to cook a meal for their families. They use contaminated water to bathe, wash their hands and their clothes. We can make a difference.

Donate today to provide families, community water tanks, schools and mosques with clean drinking water

We provide water storage tanks for family homes and refill them on a weekly basis to ensure that the family have access to clean drinking water every day.

We also install large water containers in poor neighbourhoods which are refilled daily. Anyone can use this water, an old man who finds himself thirsty, children thirsty from playing in the street, a family who live nearby and need some water for their evening meal.

Water tanks and dispensers are placed in school and mosques and are refilled daily so pupils and mosque goers have access to a clean drink of water.

Donate today to Gaza with the essence of life.

Flood Appeal
The recent floods in Gaza have made an already impossible situation even worse. Many homes are ruined, people are trapped in their homes for days on end and rely on relief workers who deliver food and water to homes in the city, and however, they are massively understaffed and have very limited resources to work with. The only way we can help is by donating so please give what you can.

Gaza Medical Aid Project:

With Gaza plunged into darkness for eighteen hours a day each day, hospital, clinics and medical centres across the city depend on generators which are so overused, they usually burn out very quickly. Operating rooms, medical equipment, ventilators, dialysis machines, scanners and more are useless, putting hundreds of patients and critically ill patients at risk.

Healthcare Project:

We also provide funding for operations and procedures for sick and injured Palestinians in their time of need. Many are unable to afford basic medical attention, so when they are really sick, they rely solely on generous donations of others to get through difficult health.

This project allows us to assist in the cost of medicine for patients who require it long or short term but cannot afford the cost. We help them to maintain their health with desperately needed medication so they can be around to look after their families.

Orphan Eye Care Project:

Most orphaned children are living in poverty, with one or both parents gone, they are often left with little or no money for their everyday needs. As such, their eyesight is often overlooked, and they go to school struggling to see the board in their classroom. Through this project, we have eye specialist teams arrange eye tests and glasses if needed for orphaned children, forever improving their eyesight and quality of life.

Healthy Lunches Project:

We provide school children with a healthy, nourishing lunch at school. For many of them, this is the only hot meal they will have in a day. We make sure it’s a healthy one, giving them sustenance and filling them up

School Kits:

We provide school children with backpacks filled with school essentials like exercise books, stationary and more. Many are unable to afford this otherwise and rely on projects like these so they have a backpack to carry their books home, and a pencil to write their homework with.

Mother and Baby Project:

Most expectant mothers are unequipped for their baby’s arrival. What they view as luxury items are often foregone as they have very little money. We provide them with nappies, baby blankets and towels, clothes, formula milk and more so they can welcome their baby into a happy environment.

Orphan Sponsorship

There are thousands of orphans is Gaza, and this number only increases with each war. Orphaned children are often taken in by family members when theri parents pass away, but when that family is already stretched, having an extra mouth to feed is a burden. We aim to keep children in a stable environment and keep things as normal as possible for them. By sponsoring an orphan, you can help make their everyday a little more bearable. You can make sure they get three meals a day, and go to school and live as normal a life as possible. Will you help an orphan today?

Self Employment Project:

We provide families with the opportunity to cater to the needs of their children by providing them with a food cart they can sue to sell various foods and use the money they make to support themselves. The scheme is great and allows families to get out of the cycle of depending on charity and live a dignified and proud life.

Olive Tree project
As part of our projects, we always aim to give needy people a chance to be self sufficient so they are not dependant on financial aid on a long term basis. The Olive Tree Project pays for an olive tree to be planted in Palestine. This allows farmers to harvest the fruit, produce and sell olive oil year after year. Eventually, we hope enough people will donate so they no longer need us.