Over 100,000 refugees have made their way from Myanmar into neighboring Bangladesh. Thousands have made their way to makeshift camps along the border in Kutupalong, Nayapara and Leda in Cox’s Bazaar, a major city in Southern Bangladesh. As refugees continue to pour into the country, fleeing a massacre in Myanmar, there is a desperate need of aid and supplies. They left their homes with nothing, fleeing for their safety. They have set up camp in make shift tents near salt fields, exposed to the elements and wild animals.
To assist with the ongoing humanitarian needs of the Rohingya population in Bangladesh, GRF has launched an emergency appeal to provide vital supplies of food, clean drinking water, shelter and other essentials.
We are on the ground and offering assistance by distributing the following:
1. Family Food Pack: £50
This 35kg food pack contains rice, cereals, fried rice, cooking oil, potatoes, spices, biscuits, molasses/ treacle & molasses. It also contains water purification tablets so they are able to store clean water.
2. Family Essentials Kit: £125
This includes a Family Food Pack (as before), utensils; food storage canisters, 6 plates, bowls, glasses, mugs and cups, matches, lighters, and candles. It also includes a hygiene kit, with 6 toothbrushes, female sanitary products, soap, combs, razors, plastic bin and trash bags.
3. Family Shelter Kit: £175
These kits provide families with a tent which sleeps 6 people, plastic sheeting, 2 mattresses, pillows, and bedding.

Please donate generously and #HelpUsToHelpThem