Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan

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With over 10 million Syrians displaced, with no shelter, warm clothing or food, too many Syrian families have become dependent on the generosity of others to get by. Living in tents and abandoned buildings, they have very few possessions and little or no money in Jordan.

The region has faced one of the harshest winters with little or no warm clothing. The Syrian and Palestinian Refugees in Jordan are vulnerable to frostbite, hypothermia and death. Leaky roofs and no heating make winter unbearable for most and deadly for some.

We have all seen far too many pictures, read countless articles, or viewed hundreds of news reports about the state of Syria’s refugees over the last 9 Years.

Now is the time for us all to act. Now is the time to care. Please help and donate what you can today.

Refugees Healthcare

Health care is expensive for many of us, let alone refugees struggling with daily life. In Jordan, hospitals try to help and provide a reduced cost or free healthcare service to those most in need, they are massively under resourced and struggling to get by with the high demand.

Your donations can buy medical equipment, beds and life-saving drugs for those most in need. Many who simply cannot afford expensive medical treatment for serious medical conditions are simply left untreated. Only with the generosity of others can such people be treated.


Refugees Food Parcels

Many of our Syrian and Palestinian brother and sisters are living in Jordan, as they are refugees, many are not allowed to work, and are solely reliant on food parcels delivered to them by charities. Without your generous donations, families will go hungry and their already malnourished children often develop more health related complications.

Here at Global Rahmah Foundation, our food parcels can provide support for a family of 6 for one whole month.

Will you provide a food parcel and help your Syrian and Palestinian brothers and sisters in Jordan?


School Kits:

Syrian and Palestinian refugees based in Jordan have had their lives turned upside down due to the constant war and attack causing millions of people to flee and seek refuge in neighbouring countries.

Millions of children are out of school. Children as young as five are often seen selling on the side of roads to support their family’s income.

Will you provide Syrian and Palestinian children with the opportunity they deserve?


Winter Emergency Clothing Project:

With one of the harshest winters on record in Jordan last year, hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Palestinian refugees were left with little or no warm clothing and blankets to get them through the winter conditions.

There were many reported deaths, mainly refugee children and the elderly whose bodies simply could not withstand the cold. There are Syrian and Palestinian children without socks, gloves, coats or warm jumpers and blankets.

With your help and donations, we provide winter clothing to those most in need.


Fuel for Gas Burners

As the only heat source for thousands, gas burners are commonly used to keep warm and to cook with. Unfortunately, they require fuel and many are left with no heat when they cannot afford it.

Here at Global Rahmah Foundation, we have team members on the ground to supply and refill fuel tanks for burners so families can keep warm during harsh winters.


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