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Lebanon has the highest number of refugees in the region, with refugee camps housing hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Palestinian refugees. It is home to 450,000 Palestinians, many of whom are fourth generation and have never had a permanent home.
There are 12 refugee areas in Lebanon. 42,000 are Palestinian refugees who used to live in Syria’s refugee camps but were driven out of their homes again when the Syrian civil war broke out and they were forced to flee yet again. Their entire lives, they have known nothing but displacement and refugee camps. Their chance of leaving the camps is incredibly slim as their rights are not the same as that of Lebanese nationals.

Lebanon Is also home to a massive 1.1 million Syrian refugees who have fled their homes, leaving everything they own behind. Half of the refugees are children and have been forced to live in tents and temporary shelter through the harsh winter. They have no access to food, medical care or education for their children. They are not allowed to work in the country in many instances, and if they are lucky enough to be able to find work, they are paid a fraction of what they should be.

The refugee camps in Lebanon highlight the difficulty of the day to day lives of people who have already been through the most horrific circumstances. They suffer in the face of adversity every day and still manage to smile when our aid workers visit them. They still remember to give thanks, though they have so little. They make sure their neighbour has received a food parcel before they think to use their own. Help us to continue to keep their spirits up. Help us to help them.

Health care:

Medical care is expensive for many in the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. While there are clinics trying to provide reduced cost or free healthcare, they are massively under resourced and struggling to get by. Your donations can buy medical equipment, beds and life saving drugs for those in need. Many who simply cannot afford expensive medical treatment for serious medical conditions are simply left untreated. Only with the generosity of others can such people be treated.

Food Parcels:

With no money, jobs or possessions to call their own, refugees in Lebanon and Jordan rely on the generosity of others to ensure at least one meal a day for their families.
As they are refugees, many are not allowed to work, and are solely reliant on food parcels. There are hundreds of thousands like this, and sadly, if people do not donate, they may not be able to provide their children with a meal when they are hungry.

Will you help provide a month’s supply of basic necessities for a family in need?

School Kits:

Syrian Refugees have had their lives turned upside down due to a catastrophic civil war causing millions to flee the country. Leaving with very few or no possessions or money, they rely on every penny they can make as a family. Millions of children are now out of school, instead doing manual labour. Children as young as five are often seen selling on the side of roads to support their family’s income. The future generation of Syrians must be given an opportunity to go to school. Will you provide a child with the opportunity they deserve?

Winter clothing Project:

With one of the harshest winters on record in Lebanon and Jordan last year, thousands were left with little or no warm clothing and blankets to get the through the winter months. There were many reported deaths, mainly children and the elderly whose bodies simply could not stand the cold. There are children without socks, gloves, coats or warm jumpers and blankets. We provide these and more thanks to the generosity of donors like you.

Fuel for Gas Burners:

As the only heat source for thousands, gas burners are commonly used to keep warm and to cook with. Unfortunately, they require fuel and many are left with no heat when they cannot afford it. We supply and refill fuel tanks for burners so families can keep warm in the harsh winters.

Home Essentials Project:

There are hundreds of Syrian and Palestinian families who have built makeshift homes in a graveyard in Lebanon. They use scraps or wood, metal and cheap cement to make them. They usually have two families in one ‘house’ which consists of two rooms, one family per room. The rooms’ walls are often incomplete, covered with old material between them. There are no doors on the rooms or bathroom so no one is afforded privacy or modesty. Our project aims to provide these families with dignity. We put doors up, extend walls, add ceilings, tile kitchens so they are not built on just dirt, and allow family members to live under one roof but with boundaries and dignity.

Women’s Education Centres:

We provide Syrian and Palestinian women with an opportunity to expand their learning. We teach them to read, write and broaden their understanding as living in the refugee camps leaves them with little or no education. They learn the basics so they can help their children with their schoolwork.

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