What’s happening in Pakistan?

For the third consecutive year, monsoon floods are devastating Pakistan. Since torrential rains hit in early August, 178 people have died, 800 have been injured and a staggering 1.5 million have been affected, according to the National Disaster Management Authority.

Riverbanks are bursting in cities across Pakistan. And fears are growing because northeastern regions of the country could see rivers and reservoirs overflow shortly.

Monsoon floods in Pakistan


We need an emergency response

The death toll will continue to rise without a speedy response. With your help, we will be providing emergency relief for the victims of the flash floods in District Sialkot and Narowal, Punjab. Currently, 20% of all people in these two regions have been displaced and are living under open sky in limited space.

Food and shelter

The monsoon floods have destroyed more than 20,000 homes and ravished acres of agricultural land, leaving families displaced and hungry.

We need your support to provide 500 food parcels and 100 tents. This will ensure more than 5,300 people are fed and 350 of the worst affected individuals have a shelter.

You can donate a tent for just £85:


For only £65 you can donate an entire food parcel:

Déjà vu

In 2010, the worst floods in the country’s history killed almost 1,800 people and displaced more than 20 million. The monsoon floods have returned every year since. Act now to prevent further devastation, bring back some normality and save lives.