Abdallah Hazem Ahmad Abu Murad
Ref. code: GZO121-17
D.O.B: 26-10-2010

The family does not have a monthly income; they depend only on some irregular aid from generous donors to make ends meet.






Abdallah Sameer Ahmad Lubad
Ref. code: GZO122-17
D.O.B: 22-01-2008

Abdallah’s family are in a dire financial situation. They barely have enough to get by.






Aya Basel Ibraheem Abu Marsa
Ref. code: GZO123-17
D.O.B: 13-11-2008

This orphan is struggling massively financially. A lack of financial stability often means that children like Aya don’t stay in school for long. With your help, she can have the childhood she deserves






Abed Al Kareem Ibraheem Lubad
Ref. code: GZO124-17
D.O.B: 20-02-2007

Abed is asking for your help. He doesn’t have enough to get by day to day; to be fed, clothed and go to school like every child deserves. He doesn’t even have enough to buy his school supplies, but he dreams of a better future.






Alaa Khader Fares Abdu
Ref. code: GZO125-17
D.O.B: 20-02-2007

Alaa’s family lives under the poverty line and does not have any financial support to provide him with his basic needs.






Hala Mohamad Khaleel Alostaz
Ref. code: GZO126-17
D.O.B: 21-12-2008

Hala is in immediate need of sponsorship. She is in danger of not being able to go to school anymore. She needs enough to eat, drink, sleep and go to school like other children do.






Asad Mohammed Sade Ahmad
Ref. code: GZO127-17
D.O.B: 04-11-2010

Asad is a part of a big family of brothers and sisters. Their mother cannot find a job to support her kids, they are waiting for your support.






Ismael Ahmed Mohmad Madi
Ref. code: GZO128-17
D.O.B: 28-07-2008

Ismael needs your support to able to continue going to school. His family’s financial situation is dire and they are struggling day to day.






Jana Ahmed Ismael Aljamal
Ref. code: GZO129-17
D.O.B: 16-06-2009

Since her father passed away, Jana’s family have been struggling. Her mother is unemployed and is struggling to feed her family.






Alaa Hasan Mohammed Karkouz
Ref. code: LB16-17
D.O.B: 12-12-2003

Alaa has suffered a massive loss, his father is not around to take care of him. He relies solely on the generosity of others and he needs your help.






Yassmin Gadooa Ibrahim Al Omar
Ref. code: LB17-17
D.O.B: 10-01-2011

Yassmin is a smart girl with dreams of a better life. But she can’t afford to stay in school if she isn’t sponsored.






Amir Amiin Dewan Al Mowaleya
Ref. code: LB18-17
D.O.B: 12-10-2010

Amir’s dad was the sole breadwinner of the family, the family has no source of income and isn dire need of assistance.






Raneem Basil Mohammed Ataya
Ref. code: LB19-17
D.O.B: 24-01-2010

Raneem’s father passed away leaving her with no father and nobody to take care of her. She misses him every day and she dreams of a better life. She deserves to have her dream come true.






Asma Basil Mohammed Ataya
Ref. code: LB20-17
D.O.B: 24-01-2010

Asma and her family are living below the poverty line. She needs someone to care for her, so she doesn’t have to worry about where her next meal is coming from, if at all.