Sahl ibn Sa’ad reported that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The sponsor of an orphan and I will walk in the Garden (Jannah) like these two fingers…”

Sahih Bukhari

With almost 200 million orphans around the world, the need for orphan sponsorship programmes has never been greater.

Many are victims of war, natural disaster or political upheaval. They are the most vulnerable in society and suffer the most in every crisis.


Orphans everywhere need urgent help

We support orphans the world over and we need your help to reach as many as possible. With more and more crisis happening every day, children are those who suffer the most. As the most vulnerable members of society, children often get the tough end of the stick. Some are lucky enough to be taken in by family, but for many this isn’t an option and they end up in orphanages with limited resources and overcrowding.

We provided them with food, water, clothing, shelter, medical and educational support, offering them a lifeline out of their desperate circumstances.

Sponsor a child today, and help us help more orphans.

To sponsor a child for £25 a month you will provide an orphan with all the basic requirements they need to survive and live a safer, happier life. You will look after their nutritional, medical and educational needs, as well as their welfare with regular check-ups and support.

Change a child’s life for £25 a month

If you would like to help but don’t have the funds for a full orphan sponsorship, why not make any regular contribution you can afford, and support those orphans without a sponsor.

An orphan gift of just £15 will bring a child a world of  joy