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If you miss fasts during Ramadan, Islamically you are required to pay a form of compensation.

For fasts missed out of necessity due to ill health or other reasons beyond your control, that cannot be made up afterwards, you must pay Fidya.

For any fasts missed intentionally without a valid reason you must pay a reparation fee called Kaffarah.

Donate Fidya

When you are unable to fast because of ill health or pregnancy you must pay Fidya for a needy person to be fed as compensation. For each missed fast, you should provide one poor person with a meal at a cost of £5. This is the minimum amount to provide a meal, however you can donate as much as you like. The more you give the greater the reward.


Donate Kaffarah

Kaffarah is to be paid for any deliberately missed or broken fasts.

The ruling for purposely missed fasts is that a person is required to fast for 60 days consecutively. If they are unable to do that, then they must feed 60 needy people at a rate of £5 per day. This makes £300 Kaffarah for each intentionally broken or missed fast.


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