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Ramadan is the time to help those in need. Can we be content knowing that while we fast during the day, we have a meal to look forward to, whilst hundreds of thousands are going hungry? Let’s all share our Iftar. You can break your fast in the knowledge that a family in Gaza, Lebanon, Or Jordan is also enjoying a meal at sunset.

Provide a family with suhoor so they have the strength to fast the long summer days.

1 – Feed the Fasting: £20 per family per day

Provide a needy family with a hot meal to break their fast. Ensure they have a nourishing meal; probably the only meal they’ll have that day.

2 – Family Food Parcels: £35 per month

Provide a family with a food parcel filled with essential, nutritious food, such a rice, flour, sugar and more. All food items have a long shelf life as most families don’t have a refrigerators. A parcel will provide a family with the essentials to feed their family for a month.

3 – Sponsor An Orphan: £25 per month

You can provide an orphaned children with a monthly sponsorship of just £25, so they can afford the essentials they need to get by. Your sponsorship ensures they stay in school, well-fed, and clothed.

4 – Eid Gift: £25 per child

Ensure that an orphaned does not miss out on the joys of Eid this year . Just £25 will provide an orphaned or needy child with a special gift on Eid!

5 – Clean Water for a Family: £10 per month

Ensure a family has access to clean, safe water for their cooking and drinking needs. you can do something to help. Just £10 will provide a family with the essence of life.

6 – Fitrana: £4 per person

Zakat-Ul-Fitr is a compulsory (fard) act of charity incumbent on every man, woman, child and foetus. This must be paid before Eid prayer.


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