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Rohingya Refugees, Bangladesh

It is now the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis. Since August 2017, more than half a million have fled the destruction of their homes and persecution in Myanmar (Burma) for neighbouring Bangladesh.

They risk death by sea or on foot to arrive in the refugee camps there, and every day, that number grows. Most Rohingya refugees reaching Bangladesh – men, women and children with barely any belongings – have sought shelter in these areas, setting up camp wherever possible in the difficult terrain and with little access to aid, safe drinking water, food, shelter or healthcare.

Rohingyas arriving in an area known as Cox’s Bazaar – a district in Bangladesh – say they fled after troops, backed by local mobs, responded by burning their villages and attacking and killing civilians. GRF have a team on the ground in Cox’s Bazaar. We have distributed thousands of food parcels, hygiene and sanitation packs, and hot meals. Our team is also building shelters, mosques, schools, education centres, women’s centres, water pumps and toilet facilities.

As part of our emergency appeal, we distribute the following:

1. Family Food Pack: £20

This 30kg food pack contains rice, cereals, rice, cooking oil, potatoes, spices, biscuits, treacle & molasses.

2. Water pump: £800

This water pump provides water for 200 people in the refugee camps.

3. Family Shelter: £350

GRF build bamboo shelters which house a family of 6.

Please donate generously and #HelpUsToHelpThem


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