GRF consists of a dynamic and responsive team. We are committed to reaching people in need wherever they may be. We explore new countries and connect with people around the world, always seeking an opportunity to help others. Our staff and board members have a long time experience within the charity sector. We believe everybody, no matter who and where they are, deserves to be healthy, live securely and eat well, and we work tirelessly to make this happen. Your donations make this possible!

We have teams on the ground in Sindh, a province in the Southeast of Pakistan, who work relentlessly to relieve poverty and suffering. This year, we have distributed hundreds of food parcels, iftar packages and aid to those most in need.
We aim to empower communities wherever we work and in the future, we aim to continue our work across Pakistan, reaching those most in need. We will work towards empowering communities through education, employment as well as distributing food, clothing and more. With your help, we can reach more and more people.