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Yemen is facing an unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe. Over 19 million people have been left hungry and homeless due to the ongoing war. A cholera outbreak has swept the country, leaving its people in desperate need of emergency aid. Thousands have lost their lives, and so many children have been orphaned in the process.

After years of war, eight million of Yemen’s estimated 28 million people are at risk of starvation. About a quarter of a million people in Al-Hudaydah, a city of 600,000, are in danger of injury or death in an urban assault. Some households lost their livelihood after their farms were damaged and it is estimated that 5200 families were displaced. GRF is working on the ground to provide food, water and shelters in Al-Hudaydah, to those most affected by the conflict. You can save a life for a displaced person who is struggling with war and starvation.

£40 Food Parcels 

£30 per month Orphan Sponsorship

Water Aid

The destruction of Yemen’s water and sanitation infrastructure has created one of the worst health epidemics the country has ever experienced. It is estimated that approximately 19.3 million Yemeni’s do not have access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Out of desperation, many families resort to drinking harmful water that is not fit for consumption. This has led to a widespread Cholera outbreak, with children being the worst affected. GRF is working on the ground in Yemen to provide safe drinking water to families and communities. We provide water tanks to families and to the public, which are refilled every month with safe water to drink. There are many communities still living without any supply of water. These tanks will provide a lifeline to many people having to take desperate measures to survive.

  • Family Water Tank £50 
  • Refill £15 each
  • Public Water Tank £200
  • Refill for Public tank £25 each


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