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Yemen Emergency Crisis


Yemen, a country plagued by war, conflict, poverty and famine, is now facing a catastrophic pandemic that threatens to devastate the entire nation once again.

The ongoing civil war has completely destroyed Yemen, leaving 24 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, and creating the world’s worst crisis. Entire cities have been flattened, leaving millions homeless and in desperate need of help, and the water and sanitation system is now virtually non-existent leading to a severe Cholera outbreak that continues to claims the lives of thousands each week.

Children are disproportionately vulnerable with over 3.3 million severely malnourished and thousands orphaned due to ongoing air strikes and attacks.

War and poverty alone have created a dire and uncontrollable situation in Yemen but with the outbreak of a new and deadly virus, Yemen is on the verge of elimination if we do not act quickly.

The United Nations has warned that the coronavirus could spread faster and more widely in Yemen than in any other country due to their current conditions. This will result in wide spread devastation and mortality.

The healthcare system having already been pushed to its limits, has collapsed under the strain of Covid-19.

With only half of the medical facilities in Yemen fully functioning, and many lacking adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), ICU beds and Oxygen, many in urgent need are being turned away!

Protective equipment and hygiene supplies are severely limited in Yemen but are essential to stop the spread of the virus.


Our Response

Global Rahmah Foundation has setup an Emergency Yemen Appeal and has a team on the ground providing food, clean water, PPE and hygiene kits to those gripped by famine and vulnerable to disease.

We are providing medical facilities with PPE such as gloves, masks, screens and protective clothing so that those on the front line are protected and able to treat more people safely.

For individual families we are providing hygiene and sanitation kits containing, soap, cleaning products and disinfectants to help keep them protected and prevent further spread of the disease.


Emergency Crisis Appeal

Now is the time to act! If we do not contain the virus it will kill millions of people!
1) £60 provides PPE and hygiene products to front line health workers
2) £40 provides individual family hygiene kits
3) £40 provides essential family food parcels that last one month
4) £50 provides a family water tank
5) £200 provides a public water tank

Donate today to save some of the most vulnerable people in the world from a virus which threatens to bring down their entire country.


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